The project

Celebrating the scent

The first project to which the brand owes its name, celebrates the scent, or the sense of smelling. Inspired by the founders own story that lead to an exploration of the varied constitution of an individual’s identity, we have created a set of scents that express the contrasts each and every one of us discovers when confronted with a multitude of memories, feelings, influences and surroundings in connection to our own lives and stories.

Exploring the varied constitution of an identity we have created two scents that capture the sensations of two distant worlds. From the dramatic rugged mountain tops and glacial landscapes of western Norway to the spice-and flower infused scents of the island Zanzibar we have created a set of scents that accentuate the contrasts and seeks to balance the ephemeral shape of our bodies, the the evolving condition of our minds, and the eternal, appeasing state of our souls.

DoubleYou Black evokes sensations of vivid colors and enchanting spice-mixes with notes of tobacco, coffee, cloves, leather ad sandal wood, while DoubleYou white, with its instant notes of water, magnolia, dry wood, and lemon brings us a multiplicity of freshness. The limited edition of perfumes will be available in selected fashion- and concept stores by the end of 2010.


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