Our fragrances are made from 100% natural ingredients and are based on Barnabe Fillion’s vison that the things he           wants to put on his skin should be so pure that you can eat or drink them. We don’t recommend that you drink our perfumes but we want you to know that they are made from the highest quality natural raw materials available.

The fragrances are produced by a small producer in the south of France, which was founded by ten specialists                  of the plant, all professionals producers, processors, herbalists and botanists.  They came together because they        believe in a modern approach without losing olfactory techniques – of simply bringing together the best of old              and new. The know-how and skills of each member of  this group has found its fullest expression here, and when meeting brands like DoubleYou they can really shine and make a luxury product for the high-end customer.

Our fragrances have a very high concentration of perfume, so high that it is actually above the criteria for calling it       “Eau de parfum.” An “Eau de Cologne” will typically contain 3-8% aromatic compounds,  an “Eau de Toilette” 5-15%       and an Eau de Parfum will be at 10-20%, normally around 15%. The DoubleYou fragrances score as high as 22% concentration of aromatic compounds.

The two scents have been developed so that they harmonize and can be mixed together to create your own            customized version.

Special edition gift box – limited edition.

In addition to being available seperately, you can also find our fragrances in the special edition gift box: Packed in a beautiful wood and recycled cardboard box made by an old Norwegian handcraft company you will find our two fragrances, a very special necklace from Bjørg Jewellery and Esra Røises two prints of the Zanzibar Zebra woman and the Norvége Cave man. This box comes in a very limited edition, please email us for further information and more details.


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